We are making solid progress on our investigative website–thanks everyone! Next class will be online. Please log in to the Ottaway Facebook page at 9:30 am on April 9 for instructions. 

Due for April 9:

* Third draft of your feature stories WITH images/illustrations/graphics etc. Please upload your latest drafts to your story page (and delete older versions). I will be doing a detailed line edit of your stories next week which you will be using to inform your fourth and final draft.

* Write a catchy headline and teaser for your feature story; post this on your group’s page

* Email me your author bio. I really like the student profiles that were written in our first class (Jan 22) and would like to use those as bios on the website–IF the subject of the bio is OK with it. Edit/revise the bio you wrote of your fellow student and send it to the subject for their approval–they get the final edit and say on whether it runs. If you’d rather use a different bio or write a new one, that’s fine. Email it to me at shahs@newpaltz.edu

* Treatment & Diagnostics writers: please revise your page’s introduction. Check out the intros for the other pages. The intro should be catchy and alluring, not a straight-up summary

* VOTE on our website’s new title! You can vote here.

* Log in to the Ottaway Facebook page at 9:30 am on April 9. Talk to you then!