Green Revolving Fund

The SUNY New Paltz Green Revolving Fund (GRF) was chartered in 2015 to help promote investment in sustainability projects on campus. The GRF accepts proposals for projects from current SUNY New Paltz students. The projects aim to create measureable cost-savings that be repaid into the fund, generating new value for the entire community. The fund is currently maintained by Michael Sheridan’s Strategic Corporate Sustainability course which is offered through the School of Business’s MBA program.

The Green Revolving Fund is supported by an opt-in $3 student green investment fee.  When students pay their tuition each semester, they are given the opportunity to opt in to grow the size of the Green Revoving Fund.

Get Involved with the Green Revolving Fund

  1. Make a contribution to the Green Revolving Fund now or when you pay your tuition bill.
  2. Submit a proposal to the Green Revolving Fund via email to
  3. Enroll in BUS563 Strategic Sustainability Management, which is typically offered every fall.

To review a copy of the charter for the Green Revolving Fund, click here: SUNY New Paltz Green Revolving Fund Charter.

For more information about the Green Revolving Fund, please contact Professor Michael Sheridan at or (845) 257-3988.