Become a Sustainability Faculty Fellow

Are you interested in shaping one of your classes or programs around a topic in sustainability?  Integrating sustainability issues into a component of your course or program?  Or developing a new sustainability course?  Have you wanted to learn more about how to bring sustainability into your field of expertise and your classrooms and day-to-day job?  We invite you to enhance your teaching and engagement by becoming a Sustainability Faculty Fellow.

The Sustainability Faculty Learning Community is pleased to announce that we are accepting applications for the third cohort of faculty and staff to join the existing multidisciplinary faculty network to engage in a yearlong exploration of sustainability, the scholarship of teaching, collaboration, and community building.  This program is open to academic and professional faculty.  This program is funded by the Office of the Provost, the Office of Campus Sustainability, the Sustainability Committee, and Campus Auxiliary Services.  The Sustainability Faculty Learning Community was established in the fall of 2016 and is a program of the Sustainability Committee.

Program Goals – The goals of the Sustainability Faculty Learning Community are to create a community of academic and professional faculty across ranks, disciplines, and programs committed to exploring teaching and course design strategies  and program development strategies that integrate sustainability into the New Paltz curriculum and programs, as well as to enhance the understanding of sustainability concepts among faculty and students, particularly those not trained in environmental fields.

Program Elements

  • Two fall breakfast meetings
  • One fall happy hour social in the Village of New Paltz
  • January Institute – a 2-day immersion into sustainable development on January 15 and 16.  Attendance is required for all fellows.  Please keep January 17 open as a snow day.
  • Two or more spring workshops
  • Final presentation of revised syllabi and programs on one of the two study days, May 8th or May 9th.

The cornerstone of the fellowship is the 2-day January Institute on January 15-16, 2019, when fellows will participate in an immersive training program led by Dr. Deborah Rowe (bio), a nationally-acclaimed sustainability education scholar and instructor.  Dr. Rowe will lead the first day’s activities on campus and SUNY New Paltz’s own faculty and staff will lead the second day.  During the retreat, fellows will have the opportunity to learn sustainability principles as well as techniques for bringing those fundamentals to their own particular disciplines, classes, and programs.

By the end of the yearlong fellowship, fellows are expected to present plans for integrating sustainability into a current or future course (including a new or revised syllabus) or program.  For Professional Faculty, one of the outcomes of the program can be a modified performance program that includes sustainability dimensions.

Stipend – There is a stipend of $250 to be provided to each fellow upon completion of the program and submission and presentation of the revised syllabus or program at the end of the Spring 2018 semester.  Please note that in order to receive the stipend, Professional Faculty are required to revise their program outside of core hours.

Additional Funding Opportunities – Sustainability Faculty Fellows (from all cohorts) have the opportunity to apply for funding to develop and teach interdisciplinary team-taught courses with sustainability content.  Funding from the Office of the Provost includes some support for course development and departmental teaching offsets.  More details will be announced this fall.

All faculty and staff can access funding from the Sustainability Seed Fund which supports paid on-campus student internships and research projects, professional development (off-campus, on-campus, or online) for sustainability, materials and supplies for sustainability research, projects, and programs, in and outside of the classroom, sustainability conference fees as a presenter or attendee, sustainability guest speakers for a targeted audience for a narrow educational or co-curricular purpose.

Expectations of Sustainability Faculty Fellows
Participants in the Sustainability Faculty Fellows program are expected to:

  • Attend two gatherings in the fall
  • Read some material prior to the January retreat
  • Attend the 2-day retreat on January 16 – 17, 2018
  • Attend two gatherings in the spring
  • Present plans for integrating sustainability into a current or future courses at the final gathering
  • For Academic Faculty: submit a revised or new syllabus that integrates sustainability into a current or future course.  For Professional Faculty: submit a plan for integrating sustainability into an existing or new program

Though not required, many past Sustainability Faculty Fellows chose to integrate sustainability into a course that was offered in the spring.

How to Apply – Applications for the program will be accepted until August 31, 2018.  Click here to fill out the online application.  

If you are a professional faculty member interested in becoming a fellow, please contact Lisa Mitten if you would like assistance in framing your application so that you’re integrating sustainability into your work or a program that you manage instead of an academic course.

List of Sustainability Fellows
The following academic and professional faculty are Sustainability Fellows.  Please ask them about their experience with the program!

  • Brett Barry, Digital Media & Journalism
  • Lizabeth Cain, Education
  • Nataly Chesky, Education
  • Matthew Friday, Art
  • Jenna Harris, Admissions
  • Susan Hereth, Geography
  • Heather Hewett, Women’s Studies / English
  • Joshua Korenblat, Art
  • Hassan Kalhor, Electrical Engineering
  • Edith Kuiper, Economics
  • Tom Meyer, Education
  • Andrea Noel, Education
  • Brian Obach, Sociology
  • Xiaoyu Pu, Business
  • Emily Puthoff, Art
  • Anca Radulescu, Math
  • Rebecca Rodriguez, Institute for Disaster Mental Health
  • Megan Sperry, Digital Media & Journalism
  • kt Tobin, The Benjamin Center / Sociology
  • Erica Wagner, Service Learning
  • Eleanor Wolfe, Theater Arts
  • Rachmadian Wulandana , Mechanical Engineering
  • Sarah Wyman, English / Faculty Development Center

Program Contacts
For additional information about the Sustainability Faculty Learning Community, please contact one of the program coordinators:

Michael Boms, Biology
Will Hong, Digital Media & Journalism
Joshua Korenblat, Art ~ Graphic Design
Kate McCoy, Education Studies and Leadership & Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Lisa Mitten, Office of Campus Sustainability
Sarah Wyman, English & Faculty Development Center