Strategic Plan Timeline

CaptureThe planned timeline for this process is as follows, culminating in a well-reviewed and vetted plan submitted for my review and approval before the end of this academic year:

  • Early September: Finalized Steering Committee Composition.
  • September 19: Dr. Weary met with Steering Committee to lay out process. The committee recommended materials for his review, and suggested individuals to interview and individuals to participate in a planning workshop (described below). Dr. Weary had already reviewed considerable documentation in his efforts to learn about the campus, previous planning efforts, our history and trajectory.
  • October 8-12: Dr. Weary conducted confidential interviews with 80-100 individuals, who together reflect the variety of perspectives about the College. These included faculty, staff, students, administrators, alumni, community leaders, members of the Foundation Board and College Council, and SUNY System leaders. At the close of the interviews, he and the Steering Committee met for several hours to share initial impressions.
  • November 3: The Steering Committee, in consultation with me, selected about 75 people to take part in a day-long retreat focused on the work of the College in the next several years; which included the same breadth of groups as the interviews. The retreat, which included small-group and plenary sessions, articulated College concerns, issues, and dreams through a series of open-ended questions that grew out of the previous interviews. During the retreat, the goal was to develop broad perspectives and a shared sense of direction for the College. The final exercise captured strategic goals and objectives, and the specific efforts we must complete during the life of the plan to achieve those goals.
  • Pre-December Holiday Break: Using the results of the planning workshop and perspectives shared by the consultant, the Steering Committee prepared a first draft of the plan, and edits to produced a next draft for review by the College’s senior leadership.
  • Holiday Break: Administrative review, feedback to the Steering Committee.
  • Spring Semester: The Steering Committee developed and implemented a process to share and discuss the draft plan with constituent groups and with interested individuals throughout the broader College community. That process will include open forums with faculty, staff, and students and meetings with groups such as Administrative Council, College Council, and governance committees such as Budget, Goals and Plans. Feedback from these sessions will be used to generate a new draft, with another round of consultations if warranted.
  • Late Spring Semester: Following my review of the Steering Committee’s final draft of the plan and consultation with Cabinet, I will issue the final plan.