History of Planning at New Paltz

The Strategic Planning process will extend previous planning that has supported the growth in our reputation, quality, and profile. These efforts have been diverse, extensive, and their fruits palpable. Institutional planning in the late 1990s resulted in the major direction of raising selectivity and becoming a more competitive-admission institution, essentially serving high-quality higher education needs for New Yorkers. The eight “vision points” developed in 2005 have guided planning and resource allocation since then. Recent and ongoing improvements in grounds and facilities grew out of our Site and Landscape Master Plan (2007) and our Facilities Master Plan (2010), and that planning has established priorities for 2013-2018 funding requests for renovation and construction.

Major budget reductions in the face of reduced funding in 2008-09 and 2010-11 were planned carefully, using established processes and agreed-up criteria. Similar approaches guided recent decisions about investing new tuition revenues. In 2010-11, we planned alignment of campus goals and mission with themes of The Power of SUNY plan. A thorough and thoughtful Emergency Management and Response Plan guided us through Hurricane Irene in 2011, and we have applied lessons learned from that experience to improve the plan. Planning by the liberal education committee the past two years set the stage for our upcoming general education revision. We were recognized by Middle States for having built a strong culture of assessment, in which evidence and data inform our planning and decisions.

Thus, we have a strong tradition as a planful institution. This year’s process represents the next phase of our planning. It is time to build on and refine the central elements of our vision and develop a more operational plan than they have provided, and to draw on key directions from other planning. This planning process must take into account imperatives for our investment of new tuition revenues that focus on students and their learning and success. Themes from my Inaugural and State of the College addresses will inform these planning efforts. The Power of SUNY system-level strategic plan and outcomes of our 2011 Middle States re-accreditation process will provide further context and direction.