Strategic Planning Update, 2/12/2014

Dear Community Members,

Attached you will find the templates for Strategic Plan Essential Initiatives III-Strengthen Philanthropic Relationships and Success, VI-Improve Internal Processes and Address Institutional Capacity, VII-Build Quality Online Education, and VIII-Strengthen Regional and Community Engagement.

As previously stated, the Council hopes that the objectives, action items, and metrics in these documents will serve as guidelines for connecting departmental plans to the mission and goals of the college.  The Initiatives and objectives should also be referenced in Budget Allocation Requests whenever possible.

Any comments and feedback can be sent to and will lead to the continued modification and improvement of these templates, enhancing their usefulness as strategic guides for implementation.  As we turn our attention to the implementation phase, the Strategic Planning Council looks forward to supporting departments and “Lead Units” in their strategic planning efforts.  We will also be communicating regularly with the campus community about our successes and challenges as we strive to achieve our strategic plan initiatives.

Ray Schwarz
Chair, Strategic Planning Council

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