Strategic Planning Update, 11/8/2013


On behalf of the Strategic Planning Council, I am attaching a draft of the template for Essential Initiative I – Nurture Innovation and the Learning Environment. As I wrote to you in my October 18 update, the Strategic Planning Council’s goal is to maximize community engagement with actions and initiatives directly relevant to the plan’s eight Essential Initiatives.  The attached template is based on ideas generated during the year-long strategic planning process.  When complete, it will hopefully act as a guide for departments and offices as they prepare their strategic/assessment plans and budget allocation requests.  We look forward to feedback, specifically in regard to how well the template reflects the ideas and objectives put forth in the Strategic Plan, and additional ideas for metrics and/or benchmarks.  Your comments can be sent to

In two weeks, after review of the community feedback, the Strategic Planning Council will send the draft of Essential Initiative-1 to the President and his Cabinet for their consideration and comments.  We’ve been focusing our efforts to date on this initiative – Nurture Innovation and the Learning Environment — because it is core to our institutional mission and values. After sending this to the Cabinet, the Council will send a draft of Essential Initiative-2 (and possibly Essential Initiative-3) out to the community for feedback.  It is our intention to complete the template by the end of the semester.

The Council is also interested in hearing from units across the campus about action items within their own strategic/assessment plans that support the College’s strategic plan and that we can highlight on the Strategic Planning website at Please submit a brief write-up of these activities and the strategic plan initiative(s) they support to The Council will feature activities consistent with the plan on the website. We hope that these varied activities across the campus will also serve as a resource for departments and offices as they prepare their plans and budget allocation requests. Thank you for your assistance and we look forward to working together in implementing the Strategic Plan in an effective and efficient manner.

Ray Schwarz
Chair, Strategic Planning Council

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