Strategic Planning Update, 11/26/2013


On behalf of the Strategic Planning Committee, I am attaching a draft of the template for Essential Initiative II – Establish an Engaged Living and Learning Community.  Once again, we ask that you review this draft and offer feedback that can inform our revisions.  The feedback from the first Initiative was very helpful, especially in the development of metrics and benchmarks.  In case you missed it, the draft template for Essential Initiative-I was attached to the Council’s communication of 11/8/13.  We expect that as revisions develop and feedback is received, it may be helpful for council members to have discussions with faculty and staff that will have direct involvement in certain objectives and action items.  Keep in mind that such discussions will play a significant role during the next phase of implementation.

The council is committed to accurately reflecting the goals outlined in the plan and being more strategic than tactical in the development of the template.  However, it is at times necessary to be somewhat tactical, specifically in regards to “action items” and “metrics.”  This is where community feedback is extremely helpful.  It is our hope to have Essential Initiatives III and IV ready for your review in the next couple of weeks.

Please be reminded that the Council is interested in hearing from departments across campus about action items that support the strategic plan initiatives.  These can be highlighted on our website at and act as a resource for all.  Thank you for your involvement and we wish you all a healthy and restful holiday.

Ray Schwarz
Chair, Strategic Planning Council

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