Strategic Planning Update, 10/18/2013


Since its formation this summer, the Strategic Planning Council, the successor group of the Strategic Planning Steering Committee, has been meeting regularly to provide the President and his senior leadership team with recommendations on how to begin the implementation process.   Our goal is to maximize community engagement with actions and initiatives directly relevant to the plan’s eight Essential Initiatives.  Council members believe it is important that the Strategic Plan be viewed as a working document that will be used to foster change and improvement throughout the college. To date, we have drafted a list of initial action items for each of the eight Essential Initiatives of the Strategic Plan, based largely on ideas generated during the year-long strategic planning process.

Following best practices, we have designed a template to guide the implementation process and to monitor and assess its progress.  The template outlines objectives, action items, metrics/benchmarks, offices/departments responsible, timelines, and resources/budget for each of the Essential Initiatives.  I have SPC-Template-sampleattached a sample of the Council’s early work. By the end of the fall semester, we will have filled out the template for each initiative.  The template will continue to be a work in progress that will be added to and modified in collaboration with those individuals and departments most involved in achieving and assessing a particular objective and /or action item.  In addition, the template and the plan itself must have the flexibility to incorporate and respond to the new opportunities, needs, and challenges that will inevitably present themselves in the coming years.  The Council has also identified initial metrics for the objectives and action items and will suggest global benchmarks for each of the Essential Initiatives.

We thought it might be helpful to share a sample of the template now so that it can inform your work in developing your unit strategic/assessment plans and budget allocation requests.  As we complete different portions of the template, we will share them with the community for feedback and suggestions.  That will provide an opportunity for you to share action items from your units that can inform our work and be showcased on the Strategic Planning website found at We look forward to working together in implementing the Strategic Plan to foster student success in the most vibrant living/learning environment possible.

Ray Schwarz
Chair, Strategic Planning Council
and Associate Vice President for Student Affairs

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