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Departments Host Virtual External Program Review Visits

Academic departments at SUNY New Paltz are hosting virtual external program review visits due to COVID-19. Most departments conduct program reviews–which examine, assess, and strengthen the quality of academic programs–every five to seven years. (Exceptions to this cycle include programs that follow accreditation guidelines by discipline-specific organizations.) Programs invite external evaluators from other SUNY and non-SUNY campuses to review their self-studies; examine the facilities; and meet with campus faculty, staff, and students. External evaluators produce a written report of their findings. Due to COVID-19, the required physical elements of the visit are conducted virtually.

In spring 2020 the Department of English Department postponed its scheduled external review due to COVID-19. It conducted a virtual review in September 2020 and received its written report from external evaluators in October. The Department of Anthropology conducted its virtual review in October and received its written report in December. The Department of Philosophy conducted its virtual review in November and is awaiting a written report by the external evaluators.

Black Studies is currently conducting a self-study and planning a fall visit. Departments that  have begun the self-study and will conduct external program review visits in spring 2022 include Economics; Geology; Languages, Literatures, & Cultures; History; and Physics & Astronomy. More information about departmental program reviews can be found on the Strategic Planning & Assessment website at https://www.newpaltz.edu/spa/program-review/ .