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Update on MSCHE Self-Study

Associate Provost for Strategic Planning & Assessment Laurel M. Garrick Duhaney hosted MSCHE Vice President Sean McKitrick’s visit to campus in spring 2019.


This fall, the Middle States Steering Committee, Standards Working Groups, and members of our community began their work in earnest. They have been using a series of research questions to investigate the degree to which New Paltz is fulfilling its mission and goals, Strategic Plan Essential Initiatives, and Institutional Priorities. Research questions were generated from the seven Middle States standards and criteria. The Institutional Priorities created for the self-study are:

  1. Nurture a learning environment founded on critical thinking, creativity, and the growth and sharing of knowledge
  2. Cultivate sustainability in all its forms, including institutional, social, economic, and environmental sustainability
  3. Forge community and enhance our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion
  4. Increase accessibility of undergraduate and graduate education in the region

The Standards Working Groups received the charges below. Groups have been gathering supporting information and comprehensive explanations of the documentation that they have gathered from faculty, staff, and administrators for the self-study. They also have surveyed and interviewed many individuals and groups. All Standards Working Groups have developed and submitted outlines for their standards and most have begun drafting their chapters.

Charges for Standards Working Groups

  • Examine relevant documentation, processes, and procedures related to the standard under review and analyze the extent to which New Paltz meets or exceeds the criteria established by the standard;
  • Provide an analysis of New Paltz’s strengths, challenges, and opportunities with regard to the standard;
  • Provide evidence, where such evidence exists, regarding periodic assessment of the standard;
  • State the recommendations for improving student success and institutional effectiveness that evolved from the review of the standard; and
  • Evaluate the standard through the landscape of the institutional mission, Strategic Plan Essential Initiatives, and Institutional Priorities.

As of this fall, Steering Committee members have been presenting “A Standard a Month” at the Academic Senate. These presentations are available in Blackboard, under “Faculty Governance.”