The Benjamin Center connects local governments, businesses, not-for-profits, and health care agencies with the expertise of the university's faculty. We assist in all aspects of applied research, evaluation and policy development. We provide agencies and businesses with the opportunity to obtain competitive grants, achieve efficiencies, and identify implementable areas for growth.

Data Collection and Analysis

We have been recognized for the accessibility of our reports. Data is presented in easy to read charts, graphs and tables to help sponsoring/ collaborating organizations effectively interpret and share it with others. GIS mapping capability is often used to enhance the visual impact of The Benjamin Center reports.

Research Design

Our work demonstrates command of a diversity of qualitative and quantitative methodologies: e.g. survey research, secondary data analysis, focus groups, and in-depth case studies. Members of our group are conversant with a range of statistical techniques and measures and trained in multiple sampling methodologies and data analysis. We provide sophisticated modeling, multivariate, time series and survival analyses.


We provide our partners with the planning and implementation of systematic evaluation to strengthen grant proposals and comprehensively measure the efficacy and efficiency of existing and new programs.

Survey Development & Data Collection

We have extensive experience in survey development and assessment of survey validity, and have used a variety of data collection modalities: telephone, computer assisted, pen and paper, face to face, and data abstraction/chart review. We are familiar with available secondary data sources, and are skilled at creating tailored databases from multiple sources in support of study goals.

Portfolio of Selected Research and Design

The research below is a small sample of some of the research we have conducted for clients.