English Skills: Lesson 9, Wordiness: Lesson Resources

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 All of the links below also appear under the Handouts and Activities links.

Composition and Creative Writing instructor Vincent Crampton has created a Zombie-themed video overview of how to be a more concise writer. This is well-produced and entertaining:


Capital Community College’s website features a comprehensive overview of concise writing and provides tips on how to avoid wordy sentence constructions. Quizzes can be found at the bottom of the page:


Idaho State University has developed a 2-page handout about avoiding wordy sentence constructions:


The Writing Center at Wisconsin University compiled a list of one-word replacements for commonly-used wordy phrases:


Purdue’s OWL site has three separate exercises that can be printed out. Exercises 1 and 2 contain wordy sentences while Exercise 3 is an extended passage that requires revision. Answers are also provided. Tip: Print and distribute the handout first and then review the answers online.


Capital Community College has an online exercise that asks students to re-write sentences and compare them against the website’s revisions:


The Australian site, 4 Syllabus, has a nice set of short exercises that can be easily cut-and-pasted into a printable handout. Student revisions can later be compared with the website’s versions: