English Skills: Lesson 7, Apostrophes: Lesson Resources

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All of the links below also appear under the Handouts and Activities links.

This entertaining video from Grammar Bytes about apostrophe use can be found at YouTube. Follow this link:


Another entertaining video—actually an animated short—created by Jay Stewart is also found on YouTube:


 A good overview of 12 apostrophe rules can be found at Jane Straus’s site for her book, The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation:


 The Methodist University’s Writing Center has created a two-page handout that covers basic apostrophe rules:


 The University  of Oxford’s Learning Institute can created a two-page handout about apostrophes:


 The Apostrophe Protection Society is a UK group that posts photographs of apostrophe misuse taken by their members and visitors to their site. Very entertaining:


 Although this is not an academic site, momcomm provides a colorful overview of the most common apostrophe errors:


The Writing Kit has posted an interactive slide show that they call a tutorial. It both explains apostrophe use/misuse and also tests viewers on what they have learned:


 The Learning Center at D’Youville College has created four online exercises (with answers) that ask students to determine which sentence, in a pair of sentences, is punctuated correctly: