“Diverse” classes prepare design alum for career

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Nicolette Seeback ’15

Major: Graphic Design (BFA)

President, Design Society
Student Art Alliance
Emerging Leaders
Avant Garde Magazine

Merkley + Partners
Penguin Group
HarperCollins Publishers

Current position:
Designer, Henry Holt & Company (Macmillan Publishing)

Why New Paltz?
As an aspiring designer, I looked at many well known schools in Manhattan that had great reputations, as well as hefty prices. When I visited New Paltz, I fell in love with the campus and the energy of the people I met. I did some research and connected with current students and alumni, and I was impressed with the programs and opportunities I found at New Paltz. It became my first choice, and I’m so happy I decided to go there.

What were some of your favorite courses and/or professors?
I took “Printed Books” (typesetting entire books and then binding them by hand) and “Web Design” in the same semester; two classes that were so different in medium, yet each maintained core design principles. I cannot thank my professors Amy Papelias, Arthur Hoener, and the late Aleanna Luethi-Garrect enough for all of the knowledge, advice, and encouragement they gave me and my classmates.


One of Nicolette's Harper Collins book cover designs
One of Nicolette’s book cover designs


How did New Paltz prepare you for your career?
The classes I took were so diverse that I felt like I could take on anything post grad. I learned how to design a logo, typeset and bind a book, create websites and apps, and more importantly, how to design them well. With many critiques and presentations, I learned how to speak about my own work to potential employees and clients, and how to give useful feedback.

What are some of your favorite memories from New Paltz?
My favorite memories are all of the late nights I spent with classmates in the lab working on projects. We weren’t up late because we procrastinated, but because we were determined to create something amazing and we wanted to spend as much time on our work as possible. It’s a rare and amazing feeling to be around people who want to do their best and want the best for you as well. In that kind of community, wonderful things can be achieved.

One of Nicolette’s book cover designs