Colleagues gather at the Library to celebrate faculty authorship


Some of the faculty recognized this year. From left: Art History Professor Kerry Dean Carso, Associate Professor of Educational Studies Shannon McManimon, English Professors Mary Holland and Michelle Woods, Associate Professor of Psychology and Deputy Director of the Institute for Disaster Mental Health Karla Vermuelen, English Instructor Dennis Doherty, English Professor Thomas Festa, Adjunct Faculty Member in the Division of Engineering Programs Engy Fouda


A campus tradition made a happy return on Tuesday, March 7, as SUNY New Paltz faculty and staff convened at the Sojourner Truth Library for a Celebration of Faculty Authors. 

The long-running event recognizes the difficult and time-intensive work of faculty scholars who research, draft, refine and publish book-length works in their areas of expertise, while also sustaining their efforts as educators and mentors to New Paltz students.  

“I’m impressed with the array of topics and the depth of the scholarship that is represented here,” said President Darrell P. Wheeler. “My hat goes off to each and every one of you who has taken the time to contribute to the very essence and nature of why higher education institutions exist.”

The event also marked an opportunity for welcome and introduction for new Sojourner Truth Library Dean Susan Frey, who attended the event alongside other administrators including President Wheeler and Interim Provost Barbara Lyman. 

“I’m so pleased that the first event that I get to be at is one where I can recognize the hard work, the love and the passion that you pour into your creativity and your research,” they said.

The 2023 celebration honored 49 books authored by 35 faculty members within the last two years, according to the Library Dean’s office. All of these are now additions to the more than 2,000 book-length works by SUNY New Paltz faculty authors in the Sojourner Truth Library’s collection. The works range from poetry to fiction to textbooks.

The following faculty members were recognized for their scholarly and creative works:

Christopher Albi, History

Adrienne Atterberry, Sociology

Kerry Dean Carso, Art History

Dennis Doherty, English

David Elstein, Philosophy

Salvatore Engel-DiMauro, Geography & Environmental Studies

Heinz Insu Fenkl, English

Thomas Festa, English

Engy Fouda, Mechanical Engineering

Andrea Frank, Art

Andrea Gatzke, History

Glenn Geher, Psychology

Howie Good, Digital Media & Journalism

Giordana Grossi, Psychology

Heather Hewett, Womens, Gender & Sexuality Studies

Mary Holland, English

William Hong, Digital Media & Journalism

Kristofer Jansma, English

Nancy Johnson, Liberal Arts & Sciences Dean; English

Benjamin Junge, Antropology; Latin American & Carribean Studies

Andrea Kantrowitz, Art; Art Education

Edith Kuiper, Economics

Susan Ingalls Lewis, History

Shannon McNanimon, Social Justice & Educational Studies

Jeff Miller, Political Science

Myra Mimlitsch-Gray, Art

Matt Newcomb, English

Thomas Olsen, English

William Rhoads, Art History

Donald Silberger, Mathematics

Karla Vermeulen, Psychology; Institute for Disaster Mental Health

Robert Waugh, English

Reva Wolf, Art History

Michelle Woods, English

Kim Wozencraft, English

Jason Wrench, Communication

Sarah Wyman, English