Employee tuition assistance program now open for fall 2022

The Benefits Office of Human Resources, Diversity & Inclusion is now accepting employee tuition assistance applications under the SUNY Tuition Assistance Program (B-140W) and the UUP Space Available Program for fall 2022 at any four-year SUNY school. 

Employees are encouraged to take advantage of the different tuition support and tuition reimbursement programs that are available for them to further their professional development. 

Applications for the B-140W Program 

The B-140W program will cover $150 per credit for up to six credits per term for all employees, including RF employees, working half-time or more. To apply: 

  • Complete theB-140W Application Form,  including supervisor signature. 
  • New Paltz employees taking courses at SUNY New Paltz may also submit a Student Fee Waiver Requestto have the Technology Fee, Student Health Fee and/or Athletic Fee waived. 
  • Scan and email all documents, including a printout of your registration information, to kniffina@newpaltz.eduand mail the original documents to Anneliese Kniffin in HAB 607C. 
  • B-140W applications should be submitted within 24 hours of registering for a class, but no later than by the “Last day to add a class” date for each term as noted on theFall 2022 Academic Calendar. 

Applications for the UUP Space Available Program 

The UUP Space Available program will cover the full cost of tuition for one class per term for any UUP-represented employee, including part-time employees, for classes taken during a term when they are employed. 

  • Complete a UUP Space Available application form, and scan and email it along with a printout of your registration information to kniffina@newpaltz.edu, and mail the original form to Anneliese Kniffin in HAB 607C. 
  • You may not register for the class more than one week prior to the first day of classes (there are exceptions; please email kniffina@newpaltz.edu if you have questions). 
  • New Paltz employees taking courses at SUNY New Paltz may also submit a Student Fee Waiver Request to have the Technology Fee, Student Health Fee, and/or Athletic Fee waived. 
  • Applications will not be accepted more than one week prior to the first day of classes, and the deadline for submitting applications is the last day of classes for each term (i.e., you can pay up front and apply for tuition assistance later). 
  • Important note: Some colleges have a different process for applying; you should check their Student Accounts web pages for details before completing an application form.

Please be sure to review fee information for the school where you will be taking your classes (found on the Student Accounts or Bursar’s Office page). The B-140W and Space Available programs cannot be used to cover fees or books. 

Information for Employees of Other SUNY Schools

Employees of other SUNY schools who would like to take courses at New Paltz should submit the New Paltz application forms to the Human Resources office of the school where they are employed for verification of employment. Completed forms should then be submitted to the Office of Student Accounts at SUNY New Paltz. 

For more information on tuition support for professional development programs, please visit https://www.newpaltz.edu/hr/tuition.html. If you have any questions, please email kniffina@newpaltz.edu.