SUNY Telecommuting Policy extended to Aug. 31

The following message was sent via email to all employees on June 15.


Dear Colleagues:

SUNY system administration has confirmed that the SUNY Telecommuting Policy, currently set to expire for UUP, CSEA, PEF, NYSCOPBA and PBANYS on June 30, 2022, has been extended to Aug. 31, 2022.

All existing processes, parameters, and constraints as announced last August remain in place. Please use this link to review details about the current SUNY Telecommuting Policy.

Where applicable, employees and supervisors should discuss continuation of existing approved telecommuting plans.

This may also be a time to update an existing approved plan to reflect the operational needs that may be different at this time of the year. Vice Presidents will need to approve any new plans or and should be consulted about changes to existing plans prior to finalizing them. The SUNY Telecommuting Application and Workplan can be found here.


Tanhena Pacheco Dunn
Vice President for Human Resources, Diversity & Inclusion
Chief Diversity Officer