Campus Wi-Fi update: Users should take action to reconnect to wireless networks

On Monday, May 23, a required security certificate for signing into the eduroam and legacy NP Hawks WPA wireless (Wi-Fi) networks was updated.

Following this change, many devices will no longer automatically connect to these wireless networks until the user acknowledges the update to the security certificate. This includes devices running Windows 10 and 11, Mac OS X, and iOS (iPhone and other Apple devices).


To reconnect to campus Wi-Fi, follow these steps:

Go into the wireless settings for your device

Select the name of the wireless network (eduroam or NP Hawks WPA) that you’d like to connect to

Follow the on-screen prompts to accept or trust the new security certificate


This process should only be necessary once per device. After the user has accepted/trusted the new security certificate, the device should automatically connect to the Wireless network as it did prior to the update.

For detailed instructions on how to connect your wireless device to the eduroam network, please visit our resources on Wireless Network Access on the website, call the IT Service Desk at 845-257-HELP (x4357), or visit the IT Service Desk in Humanities 103.