Campus fire alarm testing resumes May 23, 2022

The following message was shared with all members of the campus community via email on May 6.

As is required by New York State Law, SUNY New Paltz is preparing to carry out the annual fire alarm system inspection and testing throughout the campus. This very important measure is conducted each year to ensure that our fire alarm systems are operating properly. Accordingly, we contract with an independent certified fire alarm testing and inspection company who will conduct the required tests on each fire alarm device, in each building.

Beginning Monday, May 23, and continuing until September, the technicians will follow this planned fire alarm testing schedule as closely as practicable, carrying out tests and inspections from 7 a.m. – 3:30 p.m., Monday – Friday. Where possible, the contractor will make building-wide broadcast announcements and display signage announcing all testing.

This testing will cause fire alarm panels to beep, and contractors will ensure that the beeping is silenced prior to their departure at the end of each day. If you find fire alarm panels beeping outside of normal business hours, please contact Facilities Operations to have the indications acknowledged where possible.

In the event that a fire alarm activates in a building where testing is not scheduled AND announcements and postings do not identify testing occurring within, please treat the alarm as authentic and evacuate. Only in buildings where technicians have announced testing, and instructed occupants to remain inside during testing, should evacuation alarms be considered optional. The testing-related audible activations will be brief, and interruptions will be minimal, if not nonexistent.

Due to the potential for unanticipated delays, adjustments will take place without email notification.

As these systems are designed to preserve life and property, repairs to any identified deficiencies will be carried out when and where appropriate, as determined by the contractor. This means there may be technicians in your building on days other than those listed in the attached schedules. Audible and visual alarm tests will be carried out during the times that will cause the least inconvenience to building occupants.

Thank you so very much for your understanding during this very important safety project.


Matthew Alfultis
Assistant Director, Office of Emergency Management