Spring 2022 COVID-19 Info: Students who tested positive over winter break and didn’t take a photo of their test result can use the state’s new Affirmation of Isolation

SUNY New Paltz students can use the New York State Affirmation of Isolation form to provide documentation to the Student Health Service if they tested positive for COVID-19 during winter break and did not upload a photo of the positive test to my.newpaltz.edu.

Your first option for reporting an off-campus, positive COVID-19 test to the College should still be uploading them to the COVID-19 profile at my.newpaltz.edu. If you are unable to do so, you may use this new Affirmation form to document your positive test.


When students should use the Affirmation of Isolation

Students may use the Affirmation of Isolation ONLY IF they had a positive COVID-19 test over winter break and are unable to provide documentation, such as a photo of the positive home test.

The form will not be accepted for student cases after Jan. 24, 2022; students who test positive off-campus after that date will need to upload their result to the COVID-19 Profile at my.newpaltz.edu.

Doing so will fulfill the return-to-campus test requirement for spring 2022 and, if the student is not boosted, extends their window in which to get boosted.

Students who need to document a past case of COVID-19 in this manner should upload the completed Affirmation of Isolation form as a photo or PDF file an off-campus test through the COVID-19 Profile clicking the “Submit Off-Campus Test” button. The Student Health Service will contact you regarding your status and ongoing COVID requirements.

The Student Health Service is continuing to do contact tracing for students. Faculty are aware that documentation from the Student Health Service is available for students with an official COVID-19 diagnosis. Faculty may request documentation of quarantine from a student. The Affirmation of Quarantine may be used for this purpose.