The GRE is no longer required for graduate programs in education in New York State

SUNY students interested in graduate-level (masters and advanced certificate) programs in teaching and educational administration are no longer required to take the Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) in New York State.

The policy change is thanks to a new revision to SUNY admission requirements, signed by Governor Kathy Hochul, which is designed to help more New Yorkers achieve more equitable access to careers in schools.

For many prospective graduate students aspiring to work in education, the GRE requirement represented a significant barrier. The tests themselves are expensive and time-consuming, and the supplemental exam prep materials and services add extra costs that are almost mandatory for anyone looking to get a passing grade.

“Much research suggests that the GRE is a racially and class biased exam that works to center White, middle-classed ways of knowing the world,” said René Antrop-González, dean of the School of Education. “Hence, the GRE actively works to keep BIPOC people out of the education-related professions.”

At SUNY New Paltz, this change takes effect immediately: The graduate admission process no longer requires information about GRE results on applications for any of our advanced programs in the School of Education.