Tanhena Pacheco Dunn will assume new position as Vice President for Human Resources, Diversity & Inclusion on Jan. 1

Tanhena Pacheco Dunn, who currently serves as Associate Vice President for Human Resources, Diversity & Inclusion and Chief Diversity Officer, will become Vice President for Human Resources, Diversity & Inclusion on Jan. 1, 2022, President Donald P. Christian has announced.

Pacheco Dunn will retain her title as Chief Diversity Officer through this change.

“This action recognizes the critical role and contributions she has made; better reflects the scope, complexity, and potential liability of the many areas she oversees; and reinforces for my successor the value our campus places on diversity, equity, and inclusion,” President Christian said.

Pacheco Dunn came to SUNY New Paltz in 2012 to serve as our first executive director of compliance and campus climate. In 2016 she was appointed Chief Diversity Officer and Associate Vice President for the newly formed, integrated Human Resources, Diversity & Inclusion unit, a role which includes oversight of Title IX administration and compliance, and she became a standing member of President Christian’s Cabinet the following year.

Throughout her time at the College, she has been a strong advocate for the practice of institutional decision making through a lens of equity, and the importance of sustained engagement in diversity, equity and inclusion work to effect meaningful cultural change at all levels of the institution. She serves as co-chair of the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Council, leads our Bias Response Team and partners cross-divisionally to advance the College’s commitment to antiracism, diversity, equity and inclusion, among other responsibilities.

Pacheco Dunn holds her juris doctor degree from Albany Law School of Union University and her Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Vassar College. She is also certified as a New York State mediator.

“This promotion is a natural next step in positioning and valuing her work and contributions to our campus climate and in reinforcing our commitment to continuous improvement,” President Christian said. “Please join me in congratulating her on this well-deserved career achievement.”