Professor Andrea Noel receives fellowship to support residency in Poland

Professor Andrea Noel of the Department of Teaching & Learning has been named a recipient of an Ulam Programme fellowship  from the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange, which will support a research and teaching role at the University of Wroclaw in Poland from January – June 2022.

Noel is one of only 51 scientists worldwide to receive the fellowship this year, and one of only seven social scientists.

In addition to teaching, Noel will use the time at Wroclaw to advance research into contemporary and historical systems of early childhood education and care in the Silesian region of Poland.

Her research will focus on two time periods: the end of World War 2, when Silesia was still German territory, and the early post-war period, as Silesia became part of contemporary Poland. In addition to general historical information, Noel hopes that the current research will provide guidance on how to best serve children and families under similar stress in our contemporary period, particularly in creating and maintaining programs for migrating children and their families.

More information about the SUNY New Paltz Department of Teaching & Learning in the School of Education is available online.