New Paltz UPD honored with 2021 SUNY Police Chiefs Association Awards


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Seven members of the SUNY New Paltz University Police Department (UPD) were honored for life-saving actions and outstanding professionalism at the 2021 Police Awards, hosted by the SUNY Police Chiefs Association. The officers were recognized in a ceremony in Saratoga Springs, New York, on Nov. 16, 2021.

The SUNY Police Chiefs Association awards University Police who have demonstrated an ability to respond appropriately to emergencies and keep students safe during the prior year.

“I am extremely proud of these officers and this agency that continues to exemplify the highest levels of community service and emergency response even during the difficult times of the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Acting Chief Michael Corbisiero. “Our officers are still out there every day protecting the community and always thinking of others first.”

This year, Lieutenant William Shaw, Police Officer Joseph Haubrich, Police Officer Lilah Bunce, Police Officer Antonio Stenta were recognized with the Life-Saving Award for their actions during two separate incidents that involved the use of Narcan to save the lives of two potential overdose victims.

Lieutenant John Ritayik, Police Officer Antonio Stenta, and Police Officer Lilah Bunce were recognized with the Professional Service Award for their efforts in creating a bicycling event to raise money for the campus food pantry. In 2020, more than $6,340 was raised countywide for food pantries, with $1,905 donated to our own campus food pantry. The event gained countywide recognition and will be an annual multi-agency event going forward.

Police Officer Antonio Stenta, Police Officer Tyler Pece, Police Officer Justin Larchevesque were also recognized with the Professional Service Award for their time and effort in donating holiday gifts, purchased with UPD donated money, to the Agri-Business Child Development (ABCD) community as well as the Family of New Paltz agencies.

“I want to congratulate this year’s University Police Award recipients who time and time again, and without hesitation, work to keep our students and our entire campus communities safe,” said SUNY Chancellor Malatras. “These awards recognize our officer’s extraordinary acts of heroism, selfless service, courage under pressure and above all, their unwavering commitment to our campuses. It is with immense pride and profound appreciation that we thank the winners for their service to SUNY.”

Visit the SUNY New Paltz University Police Department online to learn more about their work in maintaining a safe and secure campus environment.