Email, text, website and INFO line: Where to find weather delay and cancellation news for SUNY New Paltz

The College has made a small change in our approach to communicating weather delays and cancellations, which will help ensure the accuracy of publicly available information about the situation on campus.

Effective immediately, the College will communicate weather-related cancellations to students, faculty and staff through the following channels:

Email: Send an announcement to all students, faculty and staff via their addresses

NPAlert text message: Send a SMS announcement to phone numbers on file for all students, faculty and staff

Website: Update the campus homepage ( with cancellation information, which will appear in a banner at the top of the page

Phone line: Record a message about delays or cancellations on the INFO line at (845) 257-INFO (4636)

Weather and cancellation information communicated via campus email, text, website and INFO line are the official sources of information on SUNY New Paltz delays and cancellations and supersede any other publicly available information.

The College will no longer proactively notify TV and radio stations or print media outlets about our delays and cancellations. These traditional outlets often do not allow for precision in communicating the situation on campus, which puts us at risk of broadcasting inaccurate or incomplete information about campus conditions and classroom/office status.

The in-house communication tools listed above sufficiently enable us to deliver timely and exact information directly to our campus community, without needing to rely on third-party intermediaries.

More details about our approach to weather and campus safety, including how the decision is made to cancel classes, how office closures work in an era of telecommuting, and guidance for commuting students and employees to help them decide whether to travel to campus, can be found in our Emergency Cancellations and Delays Policy.