Faculty: Planning to teach remotely in spring 2022? Establish provisional certification by Nov. 15

The following information was sent via email to all faculty and staff on Sept. 15.


As we plan for the winter and spring terms, please keep in mind that we are continuing with our return to mostly seated modalities and our pre-pandemic requirement that faculty be certified to teach in remote modalities.

Faculty who are not already certified must establish provisional certification by Nov. 15 in order to teach remotely in spring 2022 semesters.

NOTE: Faculty who were provisionally certified for fall 2021 are certified through spring 2023 and do not need to reapply at this time. Also, provisional certification is not necessary for Internships, Fieldwork, or Independent Study.



As you plan your course offerings and before you submit them to your Department Chair for review, please refer to the Teaching Modalities matrix definitions. Confirm via the matrix that your teaching plan correctly corresponds with the modality in terms of its assigned day/time and other special considerations.


Full Certification

Full certification includes faculty who have been through our formal online teaching certification training or who were certified under prior New Paltz certification programs.

We are not currently offering new full certification training as SUNY system is in the process of engaging a new Learning Management System/Digital Learning Environment (LMS/DLE). Once the new LMS/DLE is launched, we will resume full certification training.

Faculty should know if they have successfully completed the official certification training for online teaching. Department Chairs and Associate Deans have access to the certified faculty list and can confirm for those who may not be certain.


Provisional Certification

Due to COVID-19, we have expanded provisional certification to accommodate uncertified faculty who may need to teach remotely. There are two provisional certification options:

1. Provisional Certification Option for Programs with OSCQR-Based Master Courses
A person with some LMS experience and competence is using an OSCQR-based course that has been designed and developed by another faculty member during an official faculty development process.

This option is appropriate in two situations:

Where a department has purposefully and formally developed Master Courses for use by adjuncts and others.

Where a certified member of your department has a fully developed course that exemplifies OSCQR and Digital Accessibility standards and they are willing to share their course with another instructor who is not certified. To determine if this option is available, your chair will need to reach out to the Office of Instructional Technology at support.newpaltz.edu for approval.

2. Provisional Certification Option for Other Appropriate Reasons (Including COVID-19)
A person is able to provide evidence of their ability to deliver a course that meets basic OSCQR best practices, Digital Accessibility standards, and uses the New Paltz default LMS template shell. To provide this evidence, please complete the Provisional Certification Application Form. It is strongly recommended that faculty seeking this provisional certification option have completed the self-directed New Paltz training course (Developing a Blended Learning Course), which includes:

Using the New Paltz adapted OSCQR checklist

Using or modeling the New Paltz default LMS template shell

Incorporating accessible content into all courses

This training course can be found in the Bb LMS under My Courses.