Winter is coming! Use our Office Availability page for news about reduced and remote staffing

As we look ahead to the inclement weather season, a reminder that information about remote staffing, understaffed offices and temporary office closures should always be posted to our Office Availability webpage.

We’ve recently updated this page (formerly called “Office Closings”) to better serve our campus community in an era when some offices are taking a hybrid in-person/remote approach to staffing.

If your department or office has not recently updated your listing on the Office Availability page, please check it now and make any necessary updates as soon as possible.


Faculty and staff: Please keep the information for your office or department up to date!

Students and other members of our community look to the Office Availability page for the latest information about in-person services on the New Paltz campus.

If your office is closing or operating with reduced hours or staffing, please follow these steps:

Each department/office head (or their designee) must first request approval from their Vice President or Dean to close their office, and indicate the time it will close.

If the office closing is approved, the Vice President, Dean, Department/Office head or designee should submit information about office status here. Simply log into your account, select the office to be updated and upload the closing information.

Additional details can be added to the submission (i.e., “Career Resource Center to close after 2 p.m.”).

There are options for temporary postings that will automatically expire (i.e., if a severe weather event requires an office to temporarily close for one day), and for long-term postings listing reduced or altered office status until further notice.

Where a majority or all employees are using telecommuting, offices can also indicate that the office is closed but employees are available remotely through email or phone listed in the directory.


Students: During severe weather, please check this page before venturing out!

On days when weather conditions require the College to delay or cancel classes, some offices may temporarily close if staff members opt to remain home for personal safety reasons.

We encourage students – residents and commuters – to check the Office Availability page during severe weather events, and find out whether an office is open in-person or providing remote services BEFORE you leave the comfort of home.