Fall 2021 COVID-19 testing schedule for vaccinated student athletes and EOP members

SUNY New Paltz will require all vaccinated students, faculty and staff with a campus presence to be tested for COVID-19 every five weeks, beginning Sept. 7.

On-campus ENZO Labs testing is by appointment only. Read more here about this testing policy and how to make an appointment.

The policy for unvaccinated students, faculty and staff remains the same: They must test once a week, every week they are on campus.


For vaccinated students who are EOP members and/or student athletes, the fall 2021 testing schedule is as follows:

Sept 5 – 11: Fall sports athletes (Test anytime this week)

Sept 12 – 18: N/A

Sept 19 – 25: Spring sports athletes

Sept 26 – Oct. 2: Winter sports athletes and EOP students

Oct 3 – 9:  N/A

Oct 10 – 16: Fall sports athletes

Oct 17 – 23: N/A

Oct. 24 – 30: Spring sports athletes

Oct. 31 – Nov. 6: Winter sports athletes and EOP students

Nov. 7 – 13: N/A

Nov. 14 – 20: Fall sports athletes

Nov. 21 – 27: N/A

Nov. 28 – Dec. 4: Spring sports athletes

Dec. 5 – 11: Winter sports athletes and EOP students

Dec. 12 – 18:  N/A


Please note: Students who fall into more than one of these categories should test according to the following priority: Athletics, EOP, residence status. For example, a student who is a member of EOP, who lives on campus and is also a fall and spring athlete should test along with the FALL athletic schedule.

Sports that occur both in fall and spring should adhere to the fall athletics schedule.