Timeline of Humanities HVAC installations and upgrades since 2000

The Humanities building was constructed in 1966 and has long served the College as one of our most widely used classroom buildings.

Facilities Management has generated a list of heating, ventilation and air conditioning upgrades and installations from over the last 20 years. The timeline includes:


2002 – Window and door replacement.

2002-2003 – Basement B1&B2 renovation: two new HVAC units with outside air installed.

2005 – Ground floor renovation: Two HVAC units installed with outside air.

2007-2010 – Energy Conservation project in Humanities and JFT: HVAC units with outside air installed in all classrooms on the first, second and third floors.

2009 – Career Resource Center renovation: Existing HVAC system modified.

2017 – Speech-Language & Hearing Center renovation: Two new HVAC units installed with outside air.

2020 – Installation of MERV 13-rated air filters