Use the new and improved COVID-19 Profile at to manage your vaccine status, tests and more

The College has upgraded the COVID-19 Profile at to make it more versatile and more responsive to the needs of all community members.

Students, faculty and staff can now use the COVID-19 Profile to manage their vaccine status, complete the Daily Screening, get results from on-campus tests, upload results from off-campus tests and more.


For fully vaccinated students, faculty and staff, the COVID-19 Profile will display your status and your exemptions from testing and screening. Unvaccinated people will see notifications about these requirements and any outstanding tests or screenings yet to be completed.


You can track your submitted vaccine info and test results with real-time status updates that let you know if they are pending, approved or if they need to be corrected and resent. The Profile automatically updates to reflect your testing, screening and vaccination status.

When you get a COVID-19 test on campus, you’ll be able to view test results in your Profile as soon as they are available (generally within 2-3 business days, though this is just an average).

The Profile will also let you know if you are out of compliance with any policies, like if you miss a required screening or you’re overdue to be tested.

And, ahead of the start of the fall 2021 semester, new and returning resident students will be able to use the COVID-19 Profile to attest that they have quarantined for 10 days prior to coming to campus. This attestation is required for students who intend to live on campus, are not vaccinated, and do not plan to submit COVID-19 test results taken five days before arrival (More info about COVID-19 policies for Residence Life here).

Our overview of fall 2021 COVID-19 guidance is available at this link.