Daily Digest moving to a three-day-per-week schedule for fall 2021

The Office of Communication & Marketing will continue producing Daily Digest email newsletters on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule during the fall 2021 semester, as a source of regular, timely news and updates for students, faculty and staff (and yes, we’re still calling it the “Daily” Digest!).

We encourage everyone to check each issue of the Digest for important news on a range of topics, from COVID-19 management to student deadlines to events and ideas for engaging with the New Paltz community.

Readers are also invited to submit content for the Digest, whether you’d like to share information about an event, a research or creative project, an opportunity or a photo or video that you’re proud of. Please just email us at communication@newpaltz.edu to get started.

We encourage everyone to consider this option as an alternative to mass mailing list emails. The Digest is intended to help reduce overall email volume for us all, and thousands of students, faculty and staff already read each issue. Placing your message in the Digest is a good way to get your information out while saving everyone an extra message.

Thanks as always to all our readers and contributors for helping make this a useful communication tool for our campus.