A small number of fall 2021 courses will require a COVID-19 vaccine due to the nature of instruction

SUNY New Paltz is requiring all students to be fully vaccinated in a small number of fall 2021 courses (primarily music performance sections) where instruction cannot be provided remotely or with use of masks.

The vaccine requirement for these classes is medically necessary, and not contingent on full FDA approval. There are no exceptions to the vaccine requirement for enrollment in these courses. Those students who have approved medical or religious exemptions will be provided an alternative course or experience. Please work with your academic department on a case-by-case basis.

If you’re a student who is enrolled in one or more of these classes, and you are already vaccinated and uploaded your vaccination info to the College, then you don’t need to do anything!

Students who are enrolled in any of the classes listed below, and are not vaccinated or have not yet uploaded their info, should ACT NOW to make sure they are fully vaccinated in time for classes to begin.

Being classified as “fully vaccinated” requires you to:

Get both shots of a two-shot sequence (Moderna or Pfizer), or the single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine,

Allow two weeks to pass after the final dose, and

Upload your vaccination info to your New Paltz COVID-19 Profile at my.newpaltz.edu no later than Aug. 23, 2021.


How to get a vaccine appointment

The COVID-19 vaccines are safe, effective, and free. They’re now available at most local pharmacies, so it’s easy and convenient to get your shots. 

Click here to find a location near you and get started today.


How to submit your vaccine information

Once you’re vaccinated, it’s quick and easy to log into my.newpaltz.edu and upload your information.

Please use this link for more information and instructions on how to submit your vaccination info to the College.


If you will not be fully vaccinated by Aug. 23, you can update your course schedule starting Aug. 14

Students who do not expect to complete the steps to be fully vaccinated by Aug. 23 should plan to drop their vaccine-required course(s) when the registration moratorium lifts on Aug. 14.

After Aug. 14, you can quickly drop the necessary courses and add replacement courses at my.newpaltz.edu.

It is strongly recommended that students consult their Progress Report before making schedule changes, to ensure they stay on track with their academic plans.  


List of fall 2021 courses with a vaccine requirement

BLK263-01 Black Dance

BLK300-01 Gospel Choir Voices of Unity

MUS103-01 Basic Sight Singing and Ear Training

MUS141-01 College/Youth Symphony

MUS142-01 College-Community Chorale

MUS143-01 Symphonic Band

MUS144-01 Concert Choir

MUS162-01 Chamber Jazz Ensembles

MUS162-03 Chamber Jazz Ensembles

MUS205-01 Class Voice

MUS210-01 Jazz Improvisation Workshop

MUS220-01 Applied Classical Voice

MUS228-01 Classical Voice Studio

MUS232-01 Sight Singing and Ear Training 2

MUS250-01 Music Therapy Overview

MUS340-01 Methods & Materials

MUS345-01 Psychology of Music

MUS410-01 Jazz Improvisation Workshop

MUS420-01 Applied Classical Voice

MUS424-02 Applied Classical Brass

MUS428-01 Classical Voice Studio

MUS470-01 Applied Vocal Jazz

MUS522-01 Applied Music: Voice

MUS540-01 Foundations

MUS541-01 Recreative Methods

MUS542-01 Music Therapy Groupwork

MUS546-01 Improvisation for Therapy

MUS593-01 Advanced Clinical Musicianship

MUS743-01 Fieldwork I

MUS745-01 Internship I