Action required: Employees must sign off on new DOH guidance at

The following information was sent to all faculty and staff via email on July 6.

Dear colleagues,

New York has made significant progress in COVID-19 vaccinations and has seen declines in new COVID-19 cases. As restrictions on public and private sector activities are lifted, the Department of Health (DOH) has revised guidance for state agencies and authorities. This revised guidance provides provisions that each agency and authority employee must follow as they return to normal operations and activities.

This revised guidance represents the minimum requirements, but should not be considered exhaustive. State agencies and authorities may have different operational needs that require other or additional protocols or policies to address specific workplace(s) and nature of work.

If you are already regularly present on campus, you must sign off on the DOH form as soon as possible. For employees returning to campus presence after July 6 following the expiration of the telecommuting policy, this form must be signed within three days of resuming any campus presence.

Employees may sign off on the DOH guidance by logging into and checking the box to affirm that you have read and understand the obligation to follow this guidance. The affirmation will be provided to the Office of Human Resources, Diversity & Inclusion.

The New York State Department of Health guidance applies to campus employees only. SUNY New Paltz is waiting on final operational guidance from SUNY for the remainder of summer and this fall.

To avoid confusion about student employment status, all students under all circumstances must be masked inside until further guidance is provided. Employees who prefer to continue to wear masks, even though they are vaccinated, are welcome to do so.

While not required by this guidance, New York State agencies may consider implementing ways to collect contact information for contractors, vendors and visitors before or upon entering the agency workplace, providing their name, address, and phone number or e-mail address for use in potential contact tracing efforts. Information may be collected through any means, including but not limited to a digital application or paper form. Information should be maintained for a minimum period of 28 days and made available to state or local health departments upon request.

Thank you for your cooperation in meeting this important compliance mandate.