Professor emeritus coauthors new textbook on integrated marketing communication

James R. Smith, professor emeritus of digital media & journalism, is coauthor of the new book “Integrated Marketing Communication: A Consumer-Centric Approach for the Digital Era” (Kendall Hunt Publishing), which is designed for use in communication, media and advertising programs in higher education.

Smith and his coauthors, Thomas R. Flynn and Michael F. Walsh, offer a data-driven, consumer centric approach that focuses on durable principles of integrated marketing communications: digital transformation, the consumer journey with touchpoints, enhancing the consumer experience and the value exchange.

The book includes focused explorations of topics like like AI/marketing software, brand purpose, digital voice assistants and PR’s shift to social media; identifies critical metrics for digital tools; reviews regulatory and consumer protection concerns; and provides coverage of COVID-19’s impact across various integrated marketing communications processes.

James Smith joined the New Paltz faculty in 1976 and taught and researched for more than three decades in areas including advertising, media management, communication technology and media programming. He also served as department chair, directed internship programs and led international advertising certificate programs. He has provided research and consultation services to organizations including ABC, Discovery, ESPN, HBO, NBC, NPR and Warner Bros.