We have more vaccines! Students can still get the one-dose Johnson & Johnson shot on campus

SUNY New Paltz’s Student Health Service has additional supply of the single-dose, Johnson & Johnson vaccine, and will continue providing appointments to students as long as supply lasts.

Please call the Student Health Service at (845) 257-3400 or email them at healthserivice@nepaltz.edu if you’d like to make an appointment to get vaccinated on campus.

We encourage our students to take advantage of this opportunity if they have not yet been vaccinated, especially with the recent news that SUNY will require vaccination for all students attending in-person classes in the fall 2021 semester.

Additional details about how the COVID-19 vaccine requirement will be implemented by SUNY and our campus will be shared as soon as they are finalized.

Once you’ve been vaccinated, you can confirm your vaccination status with the College by sending your vaccination status through the COVID-19 profile at my.newpaltz.edu. This is a voluntary option to assist with planning for the fall semester. Full instructions for uploading your vaccination info can be found here.

To schedule an appointment to get vaccinated on campus, students must be currently registered and registered for the fall 2021 semester, 18 years of age or older and with no prior COVID-19 vaccinations.

Anyone who gets the Johnson & Johnson vaccine will be considered “fully vaccinated” two weeks after getting their shot. It is a one-dose vaccine that does not require a second appointment.

The Johnson & Johnson vaccine has been approved for use by the FDA, the CDC, the State of New York and SUNY.