Be on guard: New IRS imposter scam is targeting colleges

Students, faculty, and staff should be aware of a new way in which criminals are attempting to steal personal information by posing as representatives of the Internal Revenue Services (IRS).

These scams typically take the form of fraudulent emails, phone calls or text messages purporting to be from the IRS. The perpetrators may be trying to steal your identity, your tax refund or just your personal data.

See here for an example of what one of these scam emails might look like. Note the suspicious sender email address, and remember that you can hover your cursor over a link to preview the URL before clicking it.

If you receive an email, phone call, or text claiming to be from the IRS, please be cautious!

For more information about this scam, see this report from the Federal Trade Commission.

You may also wish to review this prior message from the College about phishing scams related to federal stimulus.