In-person classes cancelled on Tuesday, Feb. 2; On-campus COVID-19 testing site closed

All in-person classes for Tuesday, Feb. 2, are cancelled. Offices will open at 10:45 a.m. The on-campus COVID-19 testing site will be closed on Feb. 2 as well.

Online class meetings will take place as scheduled. Faculty members who are unable to host online class meetings as scheduled are encouraged to notify students as soon as possible.

Faculty teaching in-person classes have the option to hold class meetings remotely. This decision will be left to the discretion of each faculty member. The College asks that faculty communicate their plans to their students as soon as possible, and that students notify professors if they are unable to attend remote class meetings due to technology or other issues.

Please use this link to view the COVID-19 testing schedule and see alternative testing options this week.

In a situation where there is inclement weather, but offices are open, employees must use their best judgment as to whether they feel comfortable traveling on the roadways. In these circumstances, it is up to the individual to decide whether to travel to campus. Please remember that only the Governor can close the campus. Please also make use of the current telecommuting policy.

“Essential state employees” are expected to report to work. Employees are designated as “essential” during inclement weather if they are employed in positions that must be staffed to preserve the public safety or welfare of the campus community. If you are uncertain about which category of employee you are, contact your supervisor.

The full Emergency Cancellations and Delays Policy is available online.