Clarification: 14-day pre-screening required in order to be on campus during the spring semester (not during winter break)

The College has received questions from employees who are working on campus during winter session and want to know whether they must complete the 14-day pre-screening required by SUNY for those on campus in spring 2021.

Employees who are coming to campus now through Friday, Jan. 15, do not need to have completed a 14-day pre-screening for their presence on campus during winter break.

However, all students and employees will need to complete the 14-day pre-screening prior to their first time on campus in the spring 2021 semester, which begins on Jan. 19 for most members of our community.

It sounds complicated, but you should be able to meet all screening requirements by following these two rules:

1. Complete the Daily Health Screening at every day you plan to be on campus, no matter what.

2. Complete the Health Screening for 14 consecutive days prior to being on campus during the spring 2021 semester.

So, anyone who plans to be on campus on Jan. 19, the first day of the spring semester, should complete the Health Screening every day beginning Jan. 5 (even weekends and other days when you won’t be on campus).

One exception to this rule: Resident students who plan to move to campus when halls open on Jan. 17 should have begun Daily Health Screenings on Jan. 3. These students have received multiple reminders about this requirement.

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