COVID-19 dashboard tallies reset for 2021

The College has reset COVID-19 dashboard tallies of total cases, tests conducted and recoveries in our campus community, effective Jan. 1, 2021.

Our final count of active cases during fall 2020 (Aug. 24 – Dec. 31) stands at 75 (15 employees and 60 students). This figure, along with the total number of tests conducted on campus in fall 2020 and the positivity rate for those tests, will remain archived on our COVID-19 dashboard.

Visitors to our dashboard will find that counts of active cases, tests conducted and positivity rate for spring 2021 have been reset at zero. We track these figures on a semester-by semester basis in order to highlight cases that could have an impact on current campus safety.

Any new cases of COVID-19 in our campus community reported in January will be counted in our tally for spring 2021.

We will continue reporting new active cases of COVID-19 in our campus community (defined as students or employees who have been on campus and may have infected others) in the Daily Digest email newsletter and on the COVID-19 dashboard, Monday – Friday throughout the spring 2021 semester.

Use this link for more details about our coronavirus communication protocols.