Inner Visions: New online exhibition of capstone artworks from graduating seniors

“Astro Orbitor,” Caroline Waldman ’20, photograph, 2018

The School of Fine & Performing Arts is pleased to announce the launch of a new online exhibition featuring the work of seniors graduating with a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts.

Inner Visions, which launched on Friday, Nov. 20, features students’ creative output in painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, photography, printmaking, graphic design and metal. It will remain on view for at least six months.

The online exhibition extends a tradition in the Department of Art of showcasing capstone works from students preparing to graduate with a BA or BS in Visual Arts. After years of exhibition in the Fine Arts Building, the tradition moved online with the spring 2020 Gap in the Clouds collection, and continues in this format with Inner Visions.

“Hussle,” Madison Hood ’20, Oil Paint on Canvas, 18″ x 24″, 2020

“During this challenging academic year, the students have persevered and were able to put this exciting exhibition together,” said Professor of Art Suzanne Stokes, who taught the capstone course and spearheaded the exhibition this fall. “Special thanks to all of the art faculty members who worked with these students in a variety of art courses and also acted as their mentors for this exhibition. It has been a pleasure to work with each of these students this semester and I am happy I had the opportunity to do it.”

Each student featured in Inner Visions created a personal webpage featuring artwork, artist statements and contact information. Some also list prices for viewers interested in purchasing the pieces.

The graduating seniors featured in “Inner Visions” are Zakiah Bonnerwith ’20, Rachel Brainerd ’20, Teddy Giardina ’20, Kayli Green ’20, Madison Hood ’20, Ava Hricisak ’20, Sara Moinian ’20, Alexis Morano ’20, Jamie Owens ’20, Gabriel Panganiban ’20, Melissa Rosenberg ’20, Jennie Rundell ’20, Patrickson St Elien ’20, Anna Tjernlund ’20, Caroline Waldman ’20 and Angela Yorke ’20.