Governor Cuomo announces changes to guidance for travel to and from New York State

On Saturday, Oct. 31, Governor Cuomo announced new guidelines for travel to and from New York State.

Effective Wednesday, Nov. 4, anyone traveling between New York and other states and territories must observe the following protocols:


  • Travelers from other states must get tested for COVID-19 within three days prior to arrival in New York, quarantine for at least three days upon arrival and get tested on day four of arrival in New York. Travelers who receive a negative test on day four may end quarantine.
  • States that are contiguous with New York continue to be exempted from quarantine protocols. Essential workers also continue to be exempted.
  • Travelers who were only out of state for less than 24 hours do not need to quarantine but must get a test on day four of arrival back in New York.
  • Travelers must report to local health departments who will validate tests, if necessary. If a test comes back positive, health departments will issue isolation orders and initiate contact tracing. The local health department is also expected to make contact with the state the traveler came from, to ensure contact tracing proceeds there as well.
  • Travelers covered by the advisory must continue to fill out traveler health form upon arrival into New York State.

The Office of Human Resources, Diversity & Inclusion (HRDI) takes this opportunity to remind SUNY New Paltz employees of the following, as it pertains to campus expectations:


  • If you travel out of New York State for more than 24 hours, you must adhere to this protocol. If you received a positive test following your travel, you must advise HRDI at of your status so that we can support your absence from work, advise on telecommuting (if appropriate) and advise your supervisor to ensure staffing levels and operational needs are addressed.
  • Employees are reminded to complete the daily health screening BEFORE coming to campus or entering campus facilities. When on campus, please wear your mask consistently and properly and practice consistent hand washing and cleaning protocols. If you receive a “not cleared to be on campus” message, please do not assume you are cleared to return to campus until HRDI has confirmed that with you.
  • If you are asymptomatic and have not been exposed to COVID-19, you are encouraged to take advantage of on-campus employee testing. The testing schedule can be viewed via this link. On-campus testing is at no cost to you. More information about testing, including other no-cost testing options, can be found here.
  • If you are confirmed COVID-19 positive, are symptomatic or are identified as a close contact, you must consult your local department of health. HRDI will make every effort to follow up with employees who do not come to work due to illness, who are experiencing COVID-19-like symptoms or who are under direction of their local department of health or doctor. However, it remains the responsibility of an employee to maintain timely communication with HRDI about their status. Please be prepared to provide a doctor’s note to return to work or documentation from the department of health depending on the nature of your case.
  • An employee who is not under instruction from their local department of health or doctor and free from COVID-19-like symptoms are expected to perform their work/obligation as directed by their supervisor (if the department requires campus presence, the employee must come to work as scheduled).