College clarifies policy on which UUP employees are required to be tested for COVID-19

Following meetings with United University Professions (UUP) local leadership, and in response to feedback from members of our community, SUNY New Paltz is revising its approach to determining which UUP-represented employees must be tested for COVID-19.

Effective immediately, we are recanvassing the daily screening list and will notify those UUP-represented employees today who have had a regular presence on campus since Monday, Sept. 21, as those who will be expected to be tested.

The Office of Human Resources, Diversity & Inclusion will consider waivers for the testing requirement for employees who are briefly on campus, but do not appear on campus in the course of their normal work obligation.

UUP-represented employees who have been advised they must be tested, but believe they may qualify for a waiver under this new policy, must contact to clarify your testing requirement status based on your presence on campus.

This is a revision to the previously announced policy that any UUP-represented employee who reported on the Daily Health Screening app that they had been on campus at any time during the fall 2020 semester would be subject to mandatory COVID-19 testing.

More information about the UUP testing requirement is available via this link.

General information about on-campus COVID-19 testing for employees is available via this link.