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Welcome and welcome back to campus! Below you’ll find important information about:

  • Teaching modalities
  • Synchronous meeting days
  • Finding your schedule
  • Adding and dropping courses
  • Progress report
  • Degree application
  • And more important reminders!

Teaching Modalities

The schedule of classes and your class schedule includes important information about how your course will be delivered. You may find new and unfamiliar notations in course titles, such as “WEB,” “HYB” and “EVL,” and meeting locations such as “ONLINE SYNC” and “ONLINE AYSYNC.”

It can be confusing to keep track of these new modalities and to understand what to expect from each of them. So, we have created a new Course Modalities Chart to help you navigate the differences and make sure you can successfully prepare for the new academic year.

Synchronous meeting days

As previously announced, the academic calendar has been modified this year to accommodate an earlier end to in-person classes. After Nov. 25, there will be no more in-person instruction.

Classes that meet on Thursdays and Fridays will hold synchronous, online meetings on Monday, Nov. 30, and Tuesday, Dec. 1, respectively, to make up for sessions missed during the Thanksgiving holiday.

All meetings on these days will occur online, as no in-person class meetings will take place after Nov. 25 this semester. This applies to seated and synchronous online classes unless other arrangements have been made.

For other important dates and deadlines, please refer to the Academic Calendar.

Finding your schedule and making changes

Please make sure you are registered for all of the classes you are attending. You can quickly check your classes by clicking “Registration” at, then finding “Class Schedule.”

You can also make any allowable changes to your schedule by clicking “Add/Drop Classes.”

Please note: The deadline to make registration changes for full-term courses is the end of the day on Sept. 6.

Always check with your advisor before making any changes that could impact your progress to degree.

Electronic permission by instructor or department chair is required for any schedule changes between Aug. 31 – Sept. 6. Read more here about that requirement. Records & Registration discourages these late changes but recognizes that they are sometimes necessary.

Once the online permission to register is entered by the instructor, the student must register on the web in Add/Drop Classes. For more information, check out this site.

How close are you to degree completion?

The progress report provides detailed information about how each student is progressing toward degree completion. It shows all requirements including those completed, in-progress and still needed.

Access your progress report at by clicking the “Academic” link, then finding “Progress Report.”

If you believe there is an error on your progress report, it is important to meet with your advisor to get the information updated before your final semester at New Paltz.


Finishing your degree this semester?

Are you finishing in December 2020? Degree applications can be completed and submitted online in less than one minute, but need to be submitted as soon as possible.

Degree applications for December 2020 were due on July 1, but Records & Registration is continuing to accept them to accommodate students during these times.

Students must submit an application to complete the degree whether or not they plan to attend the graduation ceremony. Click here for more information about degree applications.

Need more information?

  • Check out the Records & Registration website
  • Dates and deadlines are on the Academic Calendar
  • Always check your official Hawkmail email. New Paltz faculty and staff will be communicating important information with you throughout the semester using that address only.
  • Although we do not have walk-in service this semester, Records & Registration is here to assist you during business hours. Contact us at

Have a great semester!