Change in Office 365 login page goes into effect on June 29

The College is making a change to the login page for Microsoft Office 365, which will take effect on Monday, June 29.

The only differences are:

  • Campus community members will have to use their full New Paltz address (i.e. to log in.
    • Students and others who use Hawkmail normally but are logging into Office 365 will need to use the address, not the address. Their passwords will remain the same across both login platforms.
  • The login page will ask for only an email address on the first page, and will ask for your password on a second page.
The new login screen users will see when they attempt to access their Microsoft Office 365 accounts, effective June 19, 2020

As this change takes effect, some applications (including email apps on devices, the Microsoft OneDrive application and other Microsoft applications) will require users to sign in again.

The purpose of this change is to make the login for Office 365 and related applications more resilient to outages. With this change, even if the College’s server environment at New Paltz were unavailable, users would still be able to access Office 365.