Share your COVID-19 story in the College’s new Community Pandemic Blog

SUNY New Paltz is inviting students, faculty and staff to share their personal experiences of the COVID-19 pandemic for a new Community Pandemic Blog.

Stories have incredible power, especially during times of extreme stress and historic change.

In the present moment, stories help us process our pain, our loss, our confusion, our gratitude and our joy. They bring us together in times when community can be hard to come by, and help us emerge stronger through struggle.

But stories are also important for future generations, and future versions of ourselves. By preserving the stories we tell each other today, we can help make sure these difficult, unprecedented experiences aren’t forgotten, but rather, learned from.

We hope that this new Community Pandemic Blog can be an act of community building, and of archiving significant moments in our lives.

We’re welcoming all forms of personal expression as part of this project, including, but not limited to:

  • Writing: Fiction, memoir, non-fiction, narrative journalism, poetry (max 750 words)
  • Photo/Video/Audio: Portraits of loved ones, selfies, original films, something you recorded on your phone
  • Other visual and performing art: Painting, drawing, sculpture, dance, music, design

Our goal is to present a wide spectrum of experiences, perspectives and events in the lives that make up our SUNY New Paltz family. While we will need to review submissions for appropriate content, this is designed to be a space for our community to share authentically and openly with one another.

Use this link to submit, and stay tuned for more updates ahead of the Community Pandemic Blog’s launch.