May 6 is last day for students to elect S/U option or submit a course withdrawal request

Wednesday, May 6, is the last day for New Paltz students to elect to the satisfactory/unsatisfactory (S/U) option or to submit a course withdrawal request. Students considering one of these grading options should discuss the implications with their advisor.

Please review this information about end-of-year grading options so that you can make an informed decision.

S/U Option

Before electing the S/U grading option, the student should review the policies about the S/U option. Note that not all courses allow for S/U election and an S/U grade cannot be used to meet a major or degree requirement.

Use this link to learn more about the S/U option, limitations and how to elect it.

Students who wish to see the letter grade for a previously elected S/U course can do so using the instructions here. The grade can be reverted to the letter grade using the same path, up to one year after the course was completed.

Course Withdrawal

Before electing to withdraw from a course, students should check with both Student Accounts and Financial Aid to be sure that a course withdrawal will not have a deleterious effect on aid status.

A student considering a course withdrawal should also discuss the implications with the instructor, as this sometimes leads to students discovering other options for successfully completing the course.

Advisors can help students determine if a course withdrawal will impact fall 2020 registration plans or timely graduation.

Here is a link, which includes policies and procedures for course withdrawals.

P Grade Election 

Courses graded with an S/U or W cannot be changed to the P grade option. Here are the FAQs about the P grade option.

The P grade option is not available until courses are graded. 

Incomplete Requests

This time of year, Records & Registration receives many questions about awarding incomplete grades. Information about the policy and procedure can be found on the Records & Registration website.

Please note that the student initiates the request for an incomplete grade. An incomplete grade is granted only at the instructor’s discretion and only in accord with the college policies. Please review the policies prior to considering a request for an incomplete.

If the instructor and student agree that an incomplete grade is appropriate and the student has not received a grade for the course, then the student must make the request online through The instructor cannot make the request on behalf of the student.

If the incomplete grade is granted, then the missing work must be submitted by deadline as noted on the fall 2020 academic calendar.

Students can find additional info about these grading options by going to and clicking the Registration link.