Economic and financial impact of COVID-19

SUNY New Paltz Faculty and Staff,

You certainly are aware of the economic and financial impact of COVID-19 in New York and much of the rest of the U.S. and the world. We are sure it is no surprise that SUNY system and campuses are not escaping those economic forces. Accordingly, all SUNY campuses have been asked to curtail expenditures, even as we begin to develop longer-term financial plans consistent with guidelines from SUNY received today.

Obviously, little or no official travel is taking place in the current climate, and many other expenditures have been reduced with many personnel working away from campus. We will be scrutinizing all purchase requests and approving only those that relate to health and safety and/or that cannot be delayed.

Similarly, we have stopped a number of searches that were in progress, according to priorities established by SUNY guidelines, which prioritize consideration of positions that have fundamental health and safety responsibilities. Nearly all faculty searches were successfully completed, and all offers were honored.

We are analyzing the SUNY guidelines and will provide further information as we better understand the expectations of this process. Know that it is our goal to best position the College for future success, and to be a partner in helping SUNY and New York State navigate these trying times.

Donald P. Christian, President
Michele Halstead, Vice President for Administration & Finance