Sojourner Truth Library celebrates faculty authors

Members of the SUNY New Paltz faculty convened at the Sojourner Truth Library on March 6 for the College’s seventh annual Celebration of Faculty Authors.

This event sees faculty and staff taking a moment from busy schedules to recognize the hard work and determination required to bring a book to publication.

“Authoring a book requires its own exceptional qualities and habits,” said Interim Provost Barbara Lyman. “Dedicating years of labor out of view tucked away in an office, museum, archive or elsewhere off-stage. I am struck once again since my arrival at New Paltz by the exceptional qualities of the College, and in particular by the exceptional faculty who serve at this institution.”

There are now more than 2,180 book-length works by SUNY New Paltz faculty authors in the Sojourner Truth Library’s collection, including 31 books by 25 faculty members honored at the 2020 celebration, according to Library Dean W. Mark Colvson.

A partial list of books by SUNY New Paltz faculty is available on the Sojourner Truth Library website.

The following faculty members were recognized for publishing non-fiction, poetry, biography, textbooks and other scholarly and creative works in the last year:

Victor Demunck, Anthropology

Thomas Festa, English

Glenn Geher, Psychology

Holly George-Warren, Digital Media & Journalism

Howie Good, Digital Media & Journalism

Carol Goodman, English

Giordana Grossi, Psychology

Laurence Hauptman, History

Mary Holland, English

Kathleen Hunt, Communication

Susan Ingalls-Lewis, History

Nancy Johnson, English

Ronald Knapp, Geography

Scott Minkoff, Political Science

Ken Nystrom, Anthropology

Preeti Dhar, Chemistry

Jonathan Raskin, Psychology

Anne Roschelle, Sociology; Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies

Jan Schmidt (Slotnik), English

Karla Vermeulen, Psychology; Institute for Disaster Mental Health

Robert Waugh, English

Reva Wolf, Art History

Jason Wrench, Communication

June Zuckerman, Teaching & Learning