Additional info regarding modified course registration schedule

Proper academic advising will be critical to ensuring that our undergraduate students continue to be successful as we transition from this difficult and disruptive time to the fall 2020 semester and we need time to do so. Therefore, undergraduate registration will be pushed back from April 20 to April 27. All other registration schedules will remain unchanged.

Online registrations for continuing undergraduate students:  Begins on Monday, April 27. The same priority schedule (seniors, juniors, sophomores, etc.) will be observed. Changes in allocated time assignments for registration will be made accordingly and communicated to students.

Graduate school registration:  Begins on Monday, April 13, as originally scheduled. The rationale for keeping to the original schedule for graduate registration is that most graduate programs and courses are much smaller than those at the undergraduate level. Also, some programs do not require registration releases, and registration is on a rolling basis until the beginning of the fall semester.

Summer school registration:  Begins on Monday, April 13, as originally scheduled.